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Is a Stand-up Forklift or Sit-Down Forklift Right for Your Business?

Last updated 2 years ago

If your business has unique loading and shipping needs, then it’s important to choose a forklift rental or purchase that fits the exact needs of your company. The following logistical factors can be used to decide between traditional sit-down forklifts and specialized stand-up forklifts.

  • Facility Space: Business owners should consider the dimensions of their storage space before choosing a forklift. A forklift’s effectiveness is diminished without room to maneuver. The standard sit-down forklift requires an aisle width of at least 11 feet to turn effectively. Stand-up forklifts (also known as reach trucks) are able to maneuver in smaller aisles between 8 feet and 10 feet. Business owners should also measure the width of the loads being transported.  A lengthy object may hamper a forklift’s ability to operate within the storage space.
  • Storage Needs: Both stand-up forklifts and reach lifts have a predetermined lift capacity. Sit-down forklifts typically offer a larger lift capacity than their reach truck counterparts. This advantage is due to the fact that sit-down forklifts are counterbalanced. However, this high lift capacity comes at the cost of lift height. Reach trucks offer superior lift height (up to 40 feet) over sit-down forklifts (only 20 feet). Review the orientation of your storage space and average load weights for a clear picture of the forklift that best suits your purposes.
  • Accessory Options: Your company’s loading needs may not be limited to standard forklift operations. In these situations, forklift accessory options should influence decisions about sit-down lifts and reach trucks. For example, specialty clamps for items like paper rolls or metal drums can be attached to sit-down forklifts. Height selectors are an attachment typically more useful for a reach truck.

Business owners can rent and purchase reliable forklifts of any type from Lonestar Forklift. Call our trained sales staff at (972) 494-5438 for more tips on the top forklift brands such as Hyundai!


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