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    Reasons to Service Your Forklift at Lonestar Forklift

    Last updated 6 days ago

    If your forklift is in need of service or parts, be sure to bring your equipment to the Lonestar Forklift service center. When you choose our service center for your forklift maintenance needs, we will reduce your downtime and ensure that your forklift is in peak working condition. Our highly trained professionals have experience working on a variety of forklift makes and models. In addition, we have a fleet of service vans that allow us to bring our technicians right to your door. With our scheduled maintenance plans, we can ensure that your forklift is in peak condition for all of your worksite needs.

    To set up a maintenance appointment for your forklift in the Houston area, contact Lonestar Forklift by calling (214) 613-1327. Our friendly team of staff will be thrilled to tell you more about our quality forklift sales and rentals. We look forward to providing you with excellent service and repairs

    Future Forklift Concepts from Hyundai

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Hyundai forklifts represent the pinnacle of forklift design and innovation. Recently, Hyundai has debuted a forklift concept model that demonstrates the future of forklift technology. This state-of-the-art forklift contains innovative features that will add a new level of convenience to the experience of the operator. To take a look at some exciting future forklift concepts from Hyundai, watch this video from Hyundai Construction Equipment.

    When you are shopping for a forklift in the Dallas area, be sure to visit Lonestar Forklift. As the leading Hyundai forklift dealer in Texas, we are sure to sure to carry the right forklift for your needs. To hear more about the forklift sales and rentals that we have to offer, call us today at (214) 613-1327. 

    Creating a Forklift Maintenance Checklist

    Last updated 21 days ago

    A forklift will provide your business with the power to move and transport heavy loads. If your business requires a forklift for your daily operations, it is highly important to preserve the performance of your equipment with routine maintenance. By creating a forklift maintenance checklist, you will ensure that your forklift is operating at peak safety and performance. To help you care for your new forklift, here is a look at some key aspects of forklift maintenance.

    Lubricate Moving Parts

    Your forklift contains a series of sophisticated moving parts. In order to keep your forklift in great shape, it is important to routinely lubricate each forklift joint. With proper lubrication, you can help to prevent the damaging effects of friction. By keeping your forklift well lubricated, you can help maximize the lifespan and performance of your machinery.

    Check the Fluid Levels

    Much like an automobile, your forklift relies on several key fluids in order to operate. When you are maintaining your forklift, it is very important to check your fluid levels. Depending on the powertrain of your forklift, you may need to inspect your propane, diesel, or gasoline levels. If your fluids are low, be sure to refill your reservoirs with the proper type of fuel.

    Inspect Your Gauges

    During operation, the driver will rely on gauges on the dash in order to monitor the performance and safety of the forklift. In order to properly maintain your forklift, be sure to inspect your gauges on a routine basis. If a gauge is not functioning properly, be sure to diagnose and repair the issue right away.

    If your forklift is in need of parts or service, the experts at Lonestar Forklift will be there to assist you. We are proud to serve the Houston area with highly rated forklift sales, rentals, and services. To schedule a maintenance appointment for your forklift, call us at (214) 613-1327. 

    Navigator Forklift Dealer

    in Forklift Inventory

    Last updated 29 days ago

    Lonestar Forklift is a proud Navigator Forklift dealer. The Chrisman Manufacturing, Inc. has been a leading forklift manufacturer since 1987. They develop top of the line equipment with customer satisfaction as their driving force. They have used the insights from operators, mechanics, and business owners to ensure that they developed the most reliable, user friendly forklifts in the industry.

    Getting to Know the Hyundai Diesel 160D-7E Forklift

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Hyundai manufactures some of the best forklifts in the world, but few are as capable as the 160D-7E diesel lift truck. Hyundai’s 160D-7E lift combines power and efficiency with durability and safety. The 160D-7E is one of 24 capable models in Hyundai’s high-performance diesel forklift line, but is it the right one for you? Here is a look at some of the key specs and features of Hyundai’s 160D-7E diesel forklift.

    High-Performance Engine

    The 160D-7E is capable of handling the toughest applications, and it all starts with the lift’s high-performance engine. Built with a six-cylinder, turbo-charged, 162-horsepower Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine, the 160D-7E provides optimum power alongside unparalleled fuel efficiency. The fully automatic transmission offers easy, convenient handling and smooth shifting during heavy-duty and slop operation.

    Heavy-Duty Operation

    The 160D-7E is the epitome of high-performance, heavy-duty diesel lift trucks. The forklift’s robust, high-output engine and smooth automatic transmission offer greater acceleration, better gradeability, and faster travel speed, even on tough terrains and slopes. Whether you need a heavy-duty diesel forklift for container handling, timber, lumber, concrete, or steel application, you can’t do any better than the Hyundai 160D-77E.

    Ultimate Comfort and Usability

    In addition to providing superior power and fuel efficiency, Hyundai’s 160D-7E diesel forklift offers the best in comfort and usability. Like all Hyundai lift trucks, the 160D-7E was designed with operator comfort in mind. For example, operator-friendly gauges and an easily adjustable suspension seat relieve fatigue and increase efficiency.

    To learn more about Hyundai’s diesel 160D-7E forklift, contact Lonestar Forklift. We are the largest volume Hyundai forklift dealer in the United States. Visit our website to browse our inventory of new and used Hyundai forklifts, or call us at (214) 613-1327 to inquire about our forklift sales, rentals, and repair services. We can even help train and certify new forklift operators at your location or ours! 

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