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    Maintenance Tips for Your Forklift

    Last updated 7 days ago

    If you have a new forklift, it’s important to maintain it regularly. This not only improves the safety of the forklift, but it also saves you money by increasing the forklift’s overall lifespan and efficiency. For a list of the most important maintenance tips for your forklift, read on.

    Lubricate Moving Parts

    The moving parts of a forklift generate a great deal of friction. Keeping these parts sufficiently lubricated will prevent the parts from overheating and damaging the forklift. Apply grease to the moving joints, parts, and fittings.

    Check Fluid Levels

    Check the forklift transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, coolants, and motor oil routinely. If you’re using the forklift everyday, the fluid levels should be checked on a daily basis. If the fluid level is low, top off the fluid and check carefully for leaks. If the fluid is contaminated, drain it and replenish it with new fluid right away.

    Inspect Gauges

    Make sure that the gauges and their lights are working properly before operating the forklift. These instruments are essential to the safe functioning of the forklift, so if they appear to be malfunctioning, get them repaired immediately.

    Maintain the Tires

    The forklift tires should be inspected every day, before the forklift is operated. Check the air pressure of the tires to ensure that they are adequately inflated. Improperly tires are more prone to wear and blowout, and could even reduce your forklift’s fuel efficiency. Check for tire damage, which could also cause a tire blowout. Tire problems can cause a serious safety risk, and may even damage the goods carried by the forklift.

    Keep the Forklift Adequately Fueled

    Whether the forklift is powered by propane, natural gas, gasoline, or electricity, it’s important to keep the forklift sufficiently fueled. Running out of fuel during a job could pose a safety risk, and could damage the forklift of the goods it is carrying.

    Lonestar Forklift of Texas offers a great selection of new and used forklifts. We even provide forklift maintenance services and forklift rentals. Call Lonestar Forklift at (214) 613-1327 or visit our website for more information. 

    Getting to Know Your Forklift Rental Options

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Buying a new or used forklift is not the best option for every business. With maintenance costs, repair expenses, and storage to consider, many businesses decide they are better off renting a forklift rather than buying one. Renting a forklift is also a great way for businesses to compare different forklifts before buying one.

    At Lonestar Forklift, we offer electric, LPG, gasoline, and diesel powered forklifts with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 65,000 pounds. We rent boom lifts, scissor lifts, pallet jacks, and forklift attachments such as clamps, push-pulls, rotators, extensions, and carpet poles. Our rental fleet is comprised of late-model equipment that is maintained to operate dependably and safely.

    Come by one of Lonestar Forklift’s three locations to test out our rental forklifts and other equipment. Call us at (214) 613-1327 for more information, and visit our website to see our selection of forklift rentals and our inventory of new and used forklifts.

    Forklift Safety Training In Action

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Operating a forklift safely requires a breadth of knowledge and training. Forklift drivers need to know how to inspect a forklift before a shift. They need to know how to communicate with nearby pedestrians so as not to risk injury or damage. Forklift drivers must know the limits of the forklift they are operating as well. To see forklift training in action, check out the following video clip.

    At Lonestar Forklift, we offer forklift service, sales, parts, and rentals. We are family owned and operated since 1991, and are the largest volume Hyundai forklift dealer in the world. If you want our safety professionals to provide OSHA-certified forklift training for your employees, you can come to our site or we can come to yours. You can learn more about the services we offer by visiting our website. For more information, call us at (214) 613-1327.

    Examining the Features of Hyundai's Internal Combustion Cushion Forklifts

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Hyundai Forklifts are on the leading edge of forklift design and innovation. If you are shopping for a new forklift that will streamline your operations and help to increase the profitability of your business, a new Hyundai Forklift may be the right choice for your needs. Hyundai’s Internal Combustion Cushion Forklifts are equipped with versatile performance options and operator-friendly features. Let’s examine some of the features that you can expect from the Hyundai Internal Combustion Cushion Forklift lineup.

    Ergonomic Design

    Hyundai’s Internal Combustion Cushion Forklifts are designed to optimize ergonomics and operator comfort. These models are equipped with fully adjustable suspension seats that will maximize comfort during long shifts. In addition, Hyundai has designed the Internal Combustion Cushion lineup with Easy View gauges and ergonomic pedals. When you purchase a Hyundai Internal Combustion Cushion Forklift, you will ensure the total comfort of your employees.

    Powerful Performance

    The Internal Combustion Cushion Forklifts are equipped with powerful performance options that will help you maximize productivity in the workplace. The I5LC-7M model contains a 2.0-liter LP engine that generates 49 horsepower. To achieve the best handling and maneuverability, these forklift models are equipped with a Hydrostatic Power Steering System.

    Streamlined Maintenance

    Hyundai’s forklifts will streamline your daily maintenance procedures. The Internal Combustion Cushion Forklifts feature a no tool floor plate and fast service access. By allowing tool-free service access, the Hyundai Internal Combustion Cushion forklifts will make it easy to perform routine maintenance and safety inspections. The Hyundai Internal Combustion Cushion forklifts also contain wet disk brakes, these forklifts will improve the safety and convenience of your worksite.

    To explore all of the features of the Hyundai forklift lineup, come to Lonestar Forklift or visit our website. Our Dallas showroom offers quality forklift sales and rentals, and we will help you select the perfect forklift for your business needs. For more information about our inventory, call us today at (214) 613-1327. 

    Tips for Purchasing a Used Forklift

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When you are shopping for your next forklift, you will have the option of selecting either brand new or used equipment. While a new forklift will provide you with the latest features, a used forklift may offer comparable performance, at a premium price. If you have decided that a used forklift will be a smart addition to your equipment fleet, it is important to select a model that is fully equipped for the needs of your worksite. To assist you with your decision, here are some tips for purchasing a used forklift.

    Consult the Ownership History

    When you are shopping for a used forklift, it is important to consult the ownership history of the equipment. If a used forklift has been heavily used for industrial operations, it may require additional maintenance. By contrast, a forklift that has been part of a rental fleet may have received only light use and wear.

    Evaluate the Condition

    Once you have selected a used forklift that seems appropriate for your needs, it is important to evaluate the condition of the equipment. By consulting the maintenance records of the forklift, you will get a good idea of its condition. In addition, you may want to schedule a maintenance appointment with your mechanic.

    Take a Test Drive

    Before you purchase a used forklift, it is a great idea to take the equipment for a test drive. When you test drive a used forklift, be sure to evaluate its comfort, safety, and overall performance. If you are pleased with the equipment after your test drive, you may be prepared to make your purchase.

    If you are shopping for a new or used forklift in the Dallas area, be sure to visit Lonestar Forklift. We are thrilled to offer a great selection of forklifts for sale or rent, and we also offer a complete inventory of forklift parts. Give us a call at (214) 613-1327 to learn more about the advantages of purchasing your next forklift from our dealership.

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