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Important Forklift Safety Tips

Hundreds of workers are killed each year as a result of forklift accidents, and thousands more are injured. Sadly, most of these deaths and injuries could have been prevented. Though forklift operation is not as simple as it looks, inexperience is no excuse for an accident. You should have your employees attend a forklift training seminar to learn how to safely operate a forklift. You should also enforce the following forklift safety tips with your operators:

Make Sure Equipment is Safe

Forklift should be inspected before each shift for safety purposes. A general safety checklist should be followed during each and every pre-shift inspection. Operators should inform the shift supervisor of any identified issues, problems, questions, or concerns about the equipment.

Never Exceed Lifting Capacity

Most forklift accidents are the result of a tip over, and most tip overs result from operators exceeding the lift truck’s maximum lifting capacity. Make sure your operators know the lifting capacity of every forklift in your fleet and the weight of all loads to be moved during their shift.

Slow Down

Another leading cause of forklift rollovers is speeding. Forklifts in general do not have a perfect 50-50 weight distribution, especially not while carrying a heavy load. Taking a corner too fast can cause the forklift to become unbalanced and tip over, causing great injury or even death to the operator and nearby pedestrians. Driving slow also allows operators to identify and avoid hazards, obstacles, and pedestrians in their way.

Lonestar Forklift can train and certify up to 100 of your employees at our site or yours. We have locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area to better serve our customers. In addition to forklift training and certifications, we also provide forklift maintenance and repair in Dallas to ensure that your fleet is safe. Call us today at (469) 685-1642 to get started.

The Importance of Forklift Safety Training

When you operate forklifts as a part of your daily business, it is extremely important to educate your workers about the importance of forklift safety. With forklift safety training, you can help to prevent accidents and injuries on the jobsite. In fact, OSHA requires each and every forklift operator to complete a forklift training course once every three years. This safety training covers all of the forklift parts, as well as safe operating procedures to follow when operating a forklift. By scheduling an onsite forklift safety training, you can ensure that all of your employees are up to OSHA safety standards.

Whether you are in need of forklift safety training or a quality forklift rental in Dallas, Lonestar Forklift will be there to assist you. We have a terrific lineup of forklifts for sale, and we can help you make sure that all of your forklift operators are fully trained. To set up a safety training, call our location in Dallas at (972) 494-5438.

A Look at a Toyota Forklift

When you are shopping for new or used forklifts for sale, you may want to explore the Toyota forklift lineup. Toyota forklift models are equipped with innovative safety and performance features. For example, the Toyota 8-Series stand up model contains mast tilt centering technology and dual steer tires. A company offering forklift rental serving Dallas can help you select the right Toyota forklift for your needs. To take a look at a Toyota forklift, watch this video from Toyota Forklift.

If you would like to learn more about the Toyota forklift lineup, contact Lonestar Forklift by calling (972) 494-5438. We are thrilled to offer an extensive inventory of forklifts and forklift parts, and we can also help you educate your employees about the importance of forklift safety.

Identifying the Main Parts of a Forklift

Forklifts are sophisticated pieces of equipment that require specialized knowledge in order to operate. When you are considering a forklift rental, it is important that you are fully aware of all of the most important forklift parts. By learning about the basics of how a forklift works, you can ensure that you are safe as you operate your machinery. A company offering used forklifts for sale in Dallas can also provide you and your employees with forklift safety training. Read on to learn more about how to identify the main parts of a forklift.


The forklift mast is one of the most recognizable parts of the forklift. This long, vertical part is what raises and lowers the forklift cargo. There are four main types of forklift masts that you can choose from. The most common forklift mast types are simplex, dupes, triplex, and quad. Each type of mast offers different lifting abilities.

Power Supply

The power supply is another essential part of the forklift. This forklift part is what powers the forklift and allows its mechanical parts to operate. When you are renting a forklift, you may have a choice of either a gas, diesel, electric, or battery powered forklift. Typically, electric and battery forklifts are used indoors, whereas gas and diesel forklifts must be used in the open air.


When you operate a forklift, you will be sitting in the cab. The cab contains all of the controls and safety equipment within easy reach of the operator. To ensure the comfort and protection of the operator, a cab also contains an ergonomically positioned seat.

To get the most out of your forklift rental or buying experience, be sure to come to Lonestar Forklift. We are thrilled to provide the Dallas area with a complete range of new and used forklifts, including Hyundai and Toyota forklift models. For more information about the forklifts that we currently have in stock, call us at (972) 494-5438.

Essential Forklift Rental Tips

Forklifts are essential pieces of machinery for many jobsites. Whether you are planning a construction project or are the operator of a warehouse, chances are that you will require a forklift for a variety of tasks. In order to get the most out of your machinery, you may want to consider a forklift rental serving Dallas. With a forklift rental, you can enjoy the benefits of this type of machinery without having to worry about forklift repair or maintenance. Read on for some essential tips for renting a forklift.

Choose a Forklift Type

When you are renting a forklift, you will have many different types of forklifts to choose from. For example, forklifts are available with electric, gasoline, or pneumatic motors. By selecting a forklift that is suited for the task that you have in mind, you will ensure that your project is completed efficiently and effectively.

Find a Dealership

Once you have determined what type of forklift will be best for your needs, you will need to find a dealership that offers forklift rentals near you. When you are selecting a dealership, be sure to work with a company that has a reputation for great customer service and reliable equipment.

Ask About Equipment and Accessories

When you rent a forklift, you may also want to include specialized equipment and accessories in your rental agreement. Forklifts are available with a variety of attachments that can be used to help with certain types of jobs. Your forklift rental specialist can help you determine which accessories are right for your needs.

At Lonestar Forklift, we provide our customers with quality forklift rentals and sales. And our friendly sales team will be thrilled to answer your questions. When you are seeking a forklift in the Dallas area, be sure to check out the great inventory of forklifts that we have to offer you. For more information about our terrific sales and services, give our location in the Dallas area a call at (972) 494-5438.

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