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What Sets the Hyundai Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklift Apart?

If you’re looking to purchase a new forklift, consider the Internal Combustion Pneumatic line of fork trucks from Hyundai. All Internal Combustion Pneumatic models have been designed for fast and stable performance. What’s more, every Internal Combustion Pneumatic forklift provides high power and low noise. As you look into forklifts for sale in your area, keep the following benefits of Hyundai’s Internal Combustion Pneumatic forklift in mind.

Performance-Minded Features

Hyundai’s lineup of Internal Combustion Pneumatic forklifts are designed to get the job done, no matter where the worksite is. For starters, each Internal Combustion Pneumatic fork truck is equipped with Hyundai’s state-of-the-art Dual Fuel engine. Each forklift also features hydrostatic power steering, a high air intake system, and an available travel speed control system to help operators work more efficiently.

Ergonomic Design

Speaking of operators, Hyundai’s Internal Combustion Pneumatic forklifts have been designed to be some of the most comfortable forklift trucks on the market. Ergonomic features in a full suspension seat, easy-view gauges, and a 25-degree adjustable steering wheel. The features (and many others) provide exceptional comfort and stability, allowing operators to work longer without strain or fatigue.

Ease of Maintenance

Hyundai’s Internal Combustion Pneumatic forklift may features some of the most advanced technology, but they are remarkably easy to maintain. Each forklift has been designed for easy maintenance, with such features as a no-tool floor plate, fast service access, and a rotational battery installation. Whether you service your forklifts in house or schedule regular maintenance with a forklift service provider, you will save time and money keeping your forklifts in shape.

If you would like to learn more about Hyundai’s Internal Combustion Pneumatic forklift, contact Lonestar Forklift. We specialize in new and used forklift sales and rentals. We also provide forklift parts and service. Call us today at (214) 613-1327 if you have any questions.

The Benefits of Forklift Emissions Testing

When you operate a fleet of forklifts, it is important to make sure that your equipment is in compliance with EPA and OSHA standards for emissions. If you are wondering about the emissions levels of your forklifts, you may want to schedule an emissions testing appointment. During emissions testing, a trained technician will use sophisticated machinery to analyze the total output of your forklift. Once your testing appointment is complete, you will receive a printed report of the findings. By testing your emissions on a routine basis, you can ensure that the air in your warehouse is up to standards.

At Lonestar Forklift, we offer forklift emissions testing and a range of other great services. If you are in need of maintenance or parts for your fleet of forklifts, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. To learn more about the forklifts that we have for sale at our Dallas location, call us at (214) 613-1327.

Reasons to Choose a Hyundai Diesel Forklift

Diesel ForkliftIf you are shopping for a new forklift for your commercial business, you may want to consider purchasing or renting a Hyundai diesel forklift. Hyundai’s line of diesel forklifts offer terrific efficiency and durability for all of your needs. When you include a Hyundai diesel forklift in your fleet of machinery, you can expect your forklift to last for many years to come. Here is an overview of some of the top reasons to choose a Hyundai diesel forklift.

Exceptional Durability

A Hyundai diesel forklift offers exceptional durability for all of your heaviest lifting projects. Hyundai has designed their diesel lineup with premium materials, such as heavy-duty frames and split drive axles. The tough design of a Hyundai diesel forklift makes this equipment the perfect choice for hauling heavy loads, such as construction materials, steel, lumber, and more.

Easy Maintenance

When you select a new forklift for your business, it is important to make sure that your machinery will be easy to maintain. Hyundai’s diesel forklifts have been engineered to provide easy maintenance on a day to day basis. The centralized design of a Hyundai forklift makes this type of lift truck incredibly simple to repair.

Outstanding Safety

Safety is a top priority when you are shopping for a new forklift. By purchasing a Hyundai diesel forklift, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your forklift has been equipped with outstanding safety features. For example, Hyundai’s diesel forklifts contain wet disk brakes, which provide the best level of stopping power.

When you are looking for a new forklift in the Dallas area, be sure to pay a visit to Lonestar Forklift. We are pleased to provide our many satisfied customers with a great inventory of forklifts for sale, and we also offer quality forklift rentals. To learn more about the great products and services that await you at our showroom, give us a call at (214) 613-1327.

What Are Counterbalanced Forklifts?

Counterbalanced forklifts offer terrific capabilities for a variety of commercial operations. If you purchase or rent a counterbalanced forklift for your business, it is important to review the features of your machinery before you begin operation. For example, you should review the load capacity of the forklift and check its oil levels. To take a look at the features of a counterbalanced forklift, watch this video from IVES Training Group.

At Lonestar Forklift, we provide our customers in the Dallas area with a terrific inventory of new and used forklifts. Whether you are considering the purchase of a new forklift, or you are seeking a forklift rental, we are sure to offer the right equipment for you. Call us at (214) 613-1327 to learn more about our forklift sales and services

Essential Forklift Safety Information

Fork lift truck with heavy load crashing through floor

Forklifts are very powerful machines that should be operated with the utmost care. If you rely on a fleet of forklifts for your commercial business, it is essential to take the proper safety precautions. By maintaining your forklifts and providing your workers with safety training, you can help to prevent accidents or injuries on the job. Here is a look at some essential tips for preventing the most common types of forklift accidents.

Forklift Overturns

Forklift overturns are among the most common types of forklift accidents. When a forklift is improperly loaded or maintaining, it is at risk of turning over when it is in operation. To prevent forklift overturns, it is important to perform routine maintenance on your forklifts. In addition, you may also want to perform forklift safety inspections at least once every day. By inspecting your forklifts, you can ensure that your fleet is ready to safely handle your workload for the day.

Forklift Collisions

Forklift collisions are another type of accident that is seen frequently on job sites. When a forklift collides with another piece of machinery or an employee, serious accidents or injuries could occur. To prevent forklift collisions, you may want to ensure that all of your footpaths and traffic aisles are clear and free from clutter.

Forklift Falls

A fall from a forklift is a serious accident. To prevent forklift falls in your workplace, you may want to avoid lifting workers on the forks of a lift truck. When a worker is on a platform, it is also highly important to provide the proper harnesses and other safety equipment.

When you are shopping for a new forklift that will provide you with the best safety features, look no further than the inventory at Lonestar Forklift. Our company provides the Dallas area with forklifts for sale and rent, and we will help you choose the perfect machinery for your business. For more information about the forklifts that we have in stock, give us a call at (972) 494-5438. 

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